2. Attitudes toward control


  • Winners never choke under pressure
  • Choking is a sign of weakness and cannot be tolerated
  • Most things are caused by events and happening outside myself
  • More than anything else, luck or fate will likely determine my future in sports
  • My opponents seem to get all the breaks – all the good luck
  • When things go bad, I have a little control over them

As you no doubt know by now, Self-Control is the key to success in sport. Without self-control, you become a pawn of fate and circumstances.



  • The finest athlete in the world, in any sport, on occasion, choke. We can develop substantial control over it, but we are never immune
  • Choking is a sign that I am out there, playing, taking a risk. That’s the only way I will ever learn to control it.
  • The more I fear choking, the more likely it is that I will experience it
  • What I do and become in sport is the result of me. My future is in my own hands.
  • Luck or fate rarely determines the outcome. I make my own breaks. Good luck – bad luck – it’s mostly a state of mind. If I think I’ll be lucky, I usually am.