How can a Life/Mental Coach help athletes?

You hire a coach when something is important. A coach take you beyond where you push yourself, you think you can go, where you overcome procrastination. Besides a sport coach, a physical coach and a nutritionist, an athlete needs also a good mental coach to help him getting where he just dare to dream, to achieve his goals, and overcome his fears.

Every game is composed of 2 parts: an outer game and a mental game. The outer game is played against an external opponent you overcome external obstacles, in order to reach an external goal.

The mental game is that one that takes place in the mind of the player. It is played against such obstacles as bad anger management, poor self-confidence, lapses in concentration, and all habits of mind which inhibit excellence in performance.

We often wonder why an athlete play so well one day and so poorly the next, or why does it take so long to replace a bad habit/thought and learn a new/positive one?

There is a natural effective process for learning and doing almost anything than most of us realize. It is similar to the process we all used, but soon forgot, as we learned to walk and talk. It uses the intuitive capabilities of the mind and both brain hemispheres. This process doesn’t have to be learned, we already know it. All that is needed is to unlearn those habits which interfere with it and then to just let it happen. This is the area where a Mental Coach comes to help you out, to replace old negative programming with new positive programming (old negative thoughts/habits with new positive thoughts/habits)  – through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Self-Talk, Setting long- and short-term goals, etc

A Mental Coach will help you:

– Use the mind/body connection and learn to trust yourself while competing

– Find the state of “relaxed concentration” that allows you to compete at your best

– Focus your mind to overcome nervousness and self-doubt

– Build skills by smart practice and put it all together while competing