During the initial interview, the coach will work to assess your situation, strengths, weaknesses, and desired outcomes. Then you’ll set some clear goals (long- and short-term) with the support of your coach.

You’ll work together towards these goals throughout the 52 sessions (1/week – 1 year) (during each session, the life coach will “coach” you asking powerful questions, leading you through various exercises, on different topics – self talk, setting priorities, time management, making choices, dealing with problems, etc), giving you feedback, tracking your progress and helping you to stay motivated along the way.

Very important: you do not have to commit from the beginning for all 52 sessions, but we recommend to commit yourself to at least 12 sessions (3 months) in order to see some meaningful results.

-after each session the coach e-mails you the document

– you will have some “homework” to do: reading, listening to some audio-materials, writing down some of your thoughts and ideas

– if you are not able to meet “in person” you can go on skype, or sometimes you might fill in the session and send it back right away (if you really cannot set an appointment on a certain week), but it is very important to work on a weekly basis. When you get used to the process and you will start to see some results you will become more confident about getting the “job” done in time.

Achieve your goals

Make your habits work for you

Be efficient when competing

Develop strategies for success when under presure



A Life Coach is someone who helps you identify what you really want in every important aspect of your life and offer support to you, in the development of clearly defined plans, goals, objectives, methods, and techniques that you can use to reach those objectives.

A professional Life Coach confines his services to Coaching, Guidance, Support, and Motivation.

A skilled coach, through a set of purposeful and powerful questions, helps you clarify your thinking, come up with solutions, take action, and find your own answers to your own “problems”.

Do not be confused: a life coach is not a therapist or counselor, even if he uses tools to help his clients overcome negative programs from the past, and build positive new programs for the future. Unlike therapists or counselors, life coaches are not interested in the past, focusing instead on where you want to go rather than where you have been.

One of today’s biggest problem in the world  is “procrastination”. We all know almost everything what we have to do to live a healthier life, to have more success, to look fitter,  ……, but we are too “lazy” to take action, to keep focusing, to prioritize our actions, etc.  That’s why a life coach plays an important role, almost everybody needs someone to stay on top of him, to give an objective feed-back, encouragement and non-stop support, to have somebody that can help you, guide you, and stay with you. This is actually what a life coach does!